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Legal Grind® presents

The Little Law Book

by Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, J.D
Illustrations by Daphne San Jose


Having to do with...

In the law, some adjectives can throw you. Don't let them. Here are some words that 'have to do with' . . . something. These are big words that are easy to cut down to size. Match the key words with a simplified definition.

  1. Conjugal
  2. Marital
  3. Matrimonial
  4. Nuptial have to do with marriage (prenuptial agreement).
  5. Discriminatory has to do withdiscrimination.
  6. Domiciliary has to do with domicile (where you have your principal home).
  7. Evidentiary has to do with evidence (evidentiary hearing).
  8. Natalhas to do with birth(prenatal,neonatal,postnatal).
  9. Pecuniary has to do with money.
  10. Penal has to do with punishment (penalty, penalty box, penalize).
  11. Personality has to do with personal property.
  12. Proprietary has to do with ownership (proprietor).
  13. Punitive has to do with punishment.
  14. Realty has to do withreal estate (real property).
  15. Testamentary has to do with a will.
  16. Testimonial has to do with testimony.
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