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Jeff Hughes, Esquire

Criminal Law

A skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can be the difference between going to jail or walking out of the courtroom.

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles, California criminal defense lawyer is extremely important after you are arrested for a crime of any kind. Even charges that seem minor can have harmful effects on your future if you are convicted. Attorney Jeffrey Hughes is dedicated to criminal defense cases in Southern California, and can provide the aggressive and effective representation you need during these challenging times.

Have you been arrested on charges of drunk driving in the Los Angeles area?

Attorney Jeffrey Hughes can fight a driving under the influence (DUI) charge by gathering evidence of police misconduct or a faulty blood alcohol content test result. Officers in California must follow strict procedures when making a DUI stop or conducting field sobriety tests. Blood test results can be inaccurate due to improper calibration of the Breathalyzer machine or contamination during processing at the lab. Our firm can also defend you against charges of drug offenses, from marijuana possession to trafficking cocaine or heroin. We can protect you from facing a felony conviction for a serious drug crime.

Perhaps you are facing charges of a violent crime in Southern California. If you have been accused of domestic violence, you have the right to hire a domestic violence lawyer even before official charges are filed. Attorney Jeffrey Hughes can defend you in a pre-trial investigation before any official charges are made against you. He can also fight relentlessly for you in court. No matter how severe your charges are, Attorney Jeffrey Hughes can offer you the best chance of a successful case result.

If you find yourself in trouble for other legal specialties, attorney Jeffrey Hughes is here to help by providing you with a referral to the appropriate, dependable and experienced legal counsel who will assist you with your legal concerns in Los Angeles County.

As a trusted name in the Lawyer Referral Service industry, attorney Jeffrey Hughes can provide you with a referral from his extensive list of pre-screened licensed lawyers in Los Angeles County that focus in different legal areas from Bankruptcy to Employment to among many others.