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Todd Smilovitz

Family Law: Todd has handled family law cases of all kinds for the past eight years. He has successfully settled matters involving dissolution of marriage, separation, child custody, child support, spousal support and related issues. He has also represented many clients at hearings and trials involving these issues, as well as on move away cases and domestic violence restraining orders. Todd advocates aggressively on behalf of his family law clients in court while also seeking to find common ground necessary for a fair settlement.

family law and employment law

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Employment Law: Todd enjoys fighting for the rights of employees who are seeking justice for their employment-law related concerns. State and federal law provides a comprehensive web of protections for employees who have been abused or preyed on by unscrupulous bosses. Sometimes this involves an employee suffering a form of discrimination or retaliation (race, sex, age, gender, or pregnancy, etc.) and then being terminated. Or it might involve not being adequately compensated for wages due, including minimum wage and overtime violations, as well as failure to provide meal and rest breaks. Regardless of the circumstances, Todd will work to obtain the highest possible settlement or award in your case.