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Denise Y. Aubry

A service oriented business requires a combination of education, skill, tenacity and dedication. Denise Y. Aubry possesses these skills and has been the owner/operator of the Inglewood Legal Grind for over 15 years. She became a licensed attorney in 2014 and has represented and counseled individuals primarily in the area of family law.

Her strengths can be attributed to her beginnings as a 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatcher with the Los Angeles Police Department where for more than 10 years Denise flourished as a Police Bureau Communications Coordinator and Radio Dispatcher. Her experiences as a police dispatcher lent to her ability to multi-task the handling of emergency, life-altering situations with impressive efficiency.

With the ability to handle a myriad of tasks simultaneously in often high-stress situations she appropriately tackles the frustrating and often stressful aspects of the legal process so the client does not have to. In her law practice Denise is known for her hard work, thorough preparation, passionate advocacy, and commitment to achieving her clients’ long-term goals.

Family Law, Document Processing

Call 310.452.8160 or email: info@legalgrind.com to contact Denise.


A exceptional legal document preparation company provides a service that appeals to the needs of the consumer and the legal community at large while maintaining the highest level of civil responsibility. Westside Justice, working in connection with the Legal Grind, Inc., has achieved that. For more than 15 years, Denise Y. Aubry, owner/operator, has overseen document preparation provided by Westside Justice Document Preparation which offers assistance in the areas of: divorce, child support modification, paternity, establish support/custody, evictions, wills, living trusts, power of attorney, quit claim deeds, beneficiary deeds, bankruptcy assistance, and much more. Legal Grind uses Denise’s creativity, business mind, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit to provide a much needed service to consumers of all varied levels.